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About us

The Zen Difference

As an agency, Zen was born out of a desire to do things differently… in every possible way.  From turning PR as we know it (or more accurately, how everyone else knows it) on its head to completely re-inventing the working week - we’ve never been afraid of pushing boundaries.  And, this is a philosophy that runs across our entire business – from encouraging our clients to push themselves out of their own comfort zones and educating the wider industry about the pitfalls of traditional PR, to the ways in which we look after our own team.

Zen was launched in 2007 by Fliss - an English Language and Linguistics graduate (her degree saw her deep-dive into the applied science of language – grammar, syntax, sentence analysis – proper geeky stuff). Fliss trained in psycholinguistics, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and the science of persuasion, and is also a certified coach and trainer.

All of this knowledge, experience, and passion has come together to create an agency that has not only nailed the next-generation approach to communications, but which truly looks after the people that matter most – our exceptional and talented team.

Central to this is our overarching ethos of supporting every team member to find and fulfil their ultimate desires. To really understand what makes them jump out of the bed in the morning and makes them feel truly ‘alive’. To encourage and champion them to embrace their ‘zone of genius’. It’s based on the Japanese principle of Ikigai, or ‘a reason for being’ – the place where four intersecting circles meet to create the ultimate ‘sweet spot’.

We’ve developed our own three circle philosophy – with the core elements being ‘our team’, ‘our clients’, and ‘our agency’. Every single member of the team has the autonomy to make any decision on behalf of the business they wish – with the only condition that they run it through our three-circle filter. Does the decision empower our team members to be their very best, to be truly well and happy? Does it help us deliver outstanding service to our clients? And, does it support the growth and sustainability of our agency?

In Fliss', own words… ‘If you empower your team to live their lives, and I mean really live them, then it’s the ultimate win:win:win – for them, for their clients, and for the agency as a whole.’