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08th December 2023

#Zen15for15 Roundup

As you know, we’re passionate about giving back wherever possible - dedicating at least 10% of agency time and resources to pro bono activity each month. And here we recap our #Zen15for15 efforts...

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29th November 2023

Nurturing the Next Generation of PR Professionals

Passionate about nurturing the talented PR professionals of the future, over the past 12 months we’ve hosted five work experience students in a bid to celebrate the industry, encourage fresh perspectives and inspire a new generation of superstars.

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15th November 2023

From Summer Holiday Juggling To Circus Workshop Fun!

Zen has been juggling - again! After acing the school holiday juggle we decided to try our hand at some similar Big Top talents - so we got together last month to enjoy a circus skills workshop experience.

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12th October 2023

School holidays - A juggling act, or a time for family fun at the circus?

As we embrace this soothing autumnal lull between the sun setting on our summer activities and the festive season commencing its sparkle, it’s a timely moment for reflection on how we survived the school holiday juggle.

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06th October 2023

Why juicing is the pear-fect PR strategy

What if we told you that juice is a regular topic of conversation among the Zen team when it comes to our clients and their communications strategies? Bear with us a second, we promise we haven’t gone bananas…

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