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This pillar of communication is all about bringing your brand to life, and is a really strong and credible way to raise awareness, drive interest, and grab attention.

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Bringing Your Brand to Life

Traditionally, experiential communications have been associated with ‘guerrilla-style’ marketing involving stunts and events designed to shock, surprise, and amaze (think flash mobs, viral videos, and graffiti artwork). Which can absolutely work brilliantly if you're a B2C brand. But, as a B2B organisation, there are also a whole host of ways you can provide your audiences with opportunities to experience your brand first-hand.

An Immersive Experience.

Incorporating experiential activity into your communications strategies can be hugely powerful, and it can take a number of forms. It could see you standing on stage delivering a kick-arse keynote speech at an industry event, organising a round table in partnership with a core media title, or creating and hosting a series of insightful and engaging webinars.


Taking communication from a one-to-many model to a one-to-one model can be hugely powerful. Whether it’s hard copy or electronic, part of a lumpy mail promotion or a straightforward letter approach, if you get the message and the language right, it can achieve some awesome results.

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Consider all of the blogs, forums, groups, and social media platforms that your avatars can and will connect with. Connect, develop, and share value – whether that’s giving advice and guidance, answering questions, or sharing killer content which will make readers sit up and take notice.

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