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As a business, you'll undoubtedly have a comprehensive database filled to the brim with details of clients, prospects, and wider stakeholders - so why not utilise this absolute goldmine of information and leverage it to its full effect.

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Up Close and Personal

Whilst both our traditional and digital and social pillars are focused on a ‘one-to-many’ model of communication (think standing at your pulpit and preaching to the assembled crowds), direct is focused very much on a ‘one-to-one’ model (think standing face-to-face with someone and having a personal conversation). And, it can be hugely powerful.

Utilising Your Stakeholder Data

Whether it's a hard copy introductory letter, an email sharing a link to some awesome online coverage, or a piece of 'lumpy mail', there are a whole host of impactful ways to engage with people you already have some kind of connection with on a one-to-one level.

You can send regular updates to them from across your business and wider industry, share advice and guidance, target them with offers and promotions….the opportunities are endless. And, as long as you get your message and your language right, it can achieve some truly awesome results.

Advocate and affiliate

Maximising those all-important connections you already have.

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Traditional Media

We’re talking newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio… all the channels you’d usually associate with PR

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More than public relations

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