Zen Team Takes Time Away from Tech

Due to the nature of what we do, we’re never far from our laptops, mobiles, or tablets – and this reliance on technology has only been exacerbated over lockdown with Zoom and Teams calls replacing much missed face-to-face meetings.  And that’s without the majority of us also having had to juggle school work and online lessons!

As a team, we’re all aware of how technology can take over our lives and how too much exposure can have a hugely detrimental impact on our productivity, our mental health, and our relationships.  And we’re also conscious of just how valuable it is to log off and enjoy screen-free time – and actually how positive, energised and liberated we feel once we’ve done it!

But we also acknowledge just how difficult technology is to escape from (it is literally everywhere) and how we need to make a real conscious effort to disconnect and get away from all of the digital distractions that surround us. 

Which is why we’re hugely excited about taking on the #techtimeout10 challenge this month.  For 10 consecutive days, we’ll each nominate a set amount of time per day when we switch off and take part in activities, experiences, or down-time moments that are completely tech-free.

For some of us, this may see us donning the lycra and blowing the cobwebs away with an exhilarating run.  For others, it may be sitting quietly for a couple of hours and getting lost in a good book.   Or, it may be simply getting down on the floor with our children to play a game – and taking the time to truly appreciate them.

And, to make it easier for us all to properly switch off and escape all of the notifications that disrupt us throughout the day, we’ve invested in individual ‘tech time out’ bags for the whole team to encourage them to put their mobile phones to sleep for an hour or two 😊

We’ll be sharing photos of our ‘tech free time’ on our social media channels (before putting our phones away of course) – so do check out how we’re doing, and cheer us on!

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