Pledging our Commitment to Mental Health

Mental health has always been discussed openly and honestly at Zen — with our team, our clients, and our partners — in the same way that we discuss any physical ailment, injury, or illness.

From training sessions that go well beyond ‘tick-box’ exercises, the appointment of dedicated Mental Health First Aiders, and weekly team wellness check-ins, we’re extremely proud to recognise and place such high importance on mental health. 

And we’ve taken this a step further by signing a Charter, pledging our commitment and promise to protecting our employees’ mental health and wellbeing by providing awareness, support, training, and having the right structures and systems in place to support every valuable member of our team.

The Charter, created by the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce and Merulae Ltd, includes three key principles: 

Principle One – Engage and embrace the mental health agenda

  • Work to create an open and inclusive culture that displays respect for all those with mental health problems and to challenge any mental health stigma in the workplace.

Principle Two – Reduce the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace

  • Take a huge leap forward to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health by getting the conversation started while educating as many as possible where and when to seek help.

Principle Three – Identify and provide sources of information and support regarding mental ill


  • Identify and signpost to workplace mental health supporters/first aiders;

You can read more about the Charter we’ve signed at

Mental health has always, and continues to be, a key priority at Zen and we’re proud to have shown our ongoing commitment to it through signing this pledge and making firm promises to every member of our team.

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