Issues Management

Imagine the worst thing that could happen to your business. Then imagine it becoming the next day’s newspaper headline, emblazoned in black and white for your clients, potential clients and competitors to see. Could your business recover?

We insure ourselves against practical disasters like floods and hurricanes, and make contingency plans for all manner of issues and crises, but very few of us actually plan how we would handle negative publicity.

And it’s surprising how easily even the strongest reputation can be damaged.
The Zen team has extensive experience of providing issues management and crisis management support on behalf of our clients.
It's experience that has been hard earned through over a decade of defending the reputations of businesses across the UK (and beyond) – from international defence organisations to regional housing associations and shopping centres.
So, whether you need a comprehensive crisis management plan in case the worst ever did happen, or have actually found yourself in a tight spot and need an experienced agency to step in, we’re here to help.

The whole team is not only proactive, professional and passionate but they are a genuine pleasure to do business with. Andrew Lowe | Managing Director | Orton Group

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