Zen Proud to Be First in UK to Pledge Support to CPA Covenant

Some of you may never have heard of Child to Parent Abuse, but staggeringly – between 3% and 10% of households could be affected by it right now.

Child to Parent Abuse (CPA) covers a range of abusive and violent behaviours displayed by a child of any age towards their parent, carer or guardian. It can include physical, financial, verbal and even sexual abuse – and can have a truly life-changing impact on those suffering from it. 

Which is why we’re hugely proud to be the first organisation in the UK to pledge our support to the Child to Parent Abuse Covenant – which has just been officially launched by one of our amazing clients, PEGS – an organisation set up to support families impacted by CPA.  Partnering with the Department for Work and Pensions, they have created the Covenant in a bid to ensure organisations are able to effectively support both staff and service users.

Among PEGS’ parents alone, in excess of 40% have been forced to reduce their hours or leave work altogether as a direct result of the abuse – which is just so desperately sad.   By signing the Covenant, we want to ensure that not only are we pledging support to our own team and encouraging them to gain more knowledge of CPA, but that we’re helping to raise awareness amongst our clients, partners, and wider communities of this devastating form of domestic abuse.

We would love every business out there to join us in supporting this fantastic initiative, and the incredible work that the PEGS team is so passionate about.  Signing up means that service users can approach you knowing that you’re able (and willing) to respond appropriately to CPA disclosures.  It means that you’re demonstrating to your own teams that you’re open to conversations.  And that you’re able to introduce policies into your organisation that can genuinely make a huge difference. 

To sign up to the CPAC for yourself, simply visit www.pegsupport.co.uk/CPAC.

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