What’s PR Really All About?

Public relations is commonly associated with other industries such as marketing and advertising, and because they’re all part of the creative mix, they complement each other brilliantly. So what exactly does PR achieve, and what does it involve?

PR is all about promoting, protecting and defending reputations – whether that of a business, a brand, a product or personality. Marketing, however, is all about the product, price, place and promotion. And advertising is placing a brand’s messages in the media – a two-dimensional positioning of the company’s service or product offer. Every organisation, regardless of its size, shape and focus, relies on its reputation for survival and success. All people have an opinion, and it can be good, bad, right or wrong.

Whether you want to create an awareness of your business, encourage footfall, or get bums on seats at an event, there are a number of PR tactics you can employ.

Press Releases

Press releases are a vital communication tool with journalists and a great way of sharing your news with your target audience. As newspapers and magazines make increasing redundancies, news desks are more reliant on good quality, well-presented stories. It’s as much about the reporting news as it is creating it.

Opinion-Led and By-Lined Articles

Both existing and prospective clients – and the wider community – want to know that you are experts in your field, and what better way to show them than by advising, guiding and educating them through carefully crafted media articles. You can capture their attention, give them enough information to realise they need what you have on offer, then encourage them to engage with you.

Opinion-led and by-lined articles are fantastic tools to generate brand awareness and promote your proposition, as well as to educate, re-educate, prompt debate, and even start a lobbying-for-change process if required. They differ only in voice in that opinion-led articles are written in third-person, while by-lined articles are written in first-person.


Entering awards (and winning them of course!) is a great way to get you known by potential clients, those who have influence, and other core stakeholders.

Copywriting and Content Creation

It’s hugely important to have a single, strong voice across all of your communications – whether that’s the crafting of copy for an e-newsletter or e-mail campaign, the preparation of client letter templates, or even the creation of regular blogs.

There are a number of other tactics that can be used as part of a campaign of course, and the mix can be tailored exactly for your business’s needs and requirements…

By Jennie Windle

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