Shining a light on mental health awareness for managers

Last week our fabulous clients Paycare welcomed their largest audience to date to their monthly e-clinic – ‘The Benefits of Mental Health Awareness for Managers’.

Hosted by Paycare’s Wellbeing Manager Kerry Mitchell, the session focused on what it really means to businesses to look after their staff and to be truly present as a leader in this time of unprecedented change.

The emphasis on mental health has shifted greatly over the last 18 months, and this latest clinic saw the Paycare team alongside our own MD Fliss and fellow guest speaker share insights into why, and how, looking after our teams’ wellbeing is absolutely critical.

HR professional Paul Owen shared his own very touching personal journey with anxiety and offered advice and guidance on understanding your own triggers, learning to implement your own coping mechanisms, and how leaders should put their people first.

Fliss then shared a little about Zen’s ethos, and how her vision to create an agency with a difference that has people (team, clients, and community) at its heart has seen us throw the traditional working day rule-book out of the window.

When Covid19 lit the touch paper of change across every business by enforcing working restrictions, it only resulted in speeding up our agency’s evolution. We decided, collectively and bravely, as a team how we wanted to go forward and not only survive but thrive during the pandemic and beyond. And it works.

But whilst we are naturally thrilled to be seen as a forward thinking and award-winning place to work, it also makes us desperately sad that more businesses aren’t joining us in the pursuit to find absolute balance and bring total wellbeing to their employees.

By empowering individuals to redefine how they work, to feel safe, to know it’s ok to ask for help and show vulnerability, you are creating an environment of positive mental health and wellness which goes hand in hand with improved productivity and relationships across the board in business, friendships and family.

We are proud to be making a real difference to our clients, the agency and each other and in a world that’s now slowly returning to the office 9-5, we are happy to say we are never going back!

Due to the incredible popularity of this session, Paycare will be holding another clinic on Monday 6th September at 11am. 

Please visit the following Eventbrite link to book:

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