Saying Goodbye to Superwoman…

say goodbye to superwoman

With the Zen team comprising a number of mums (and dads – but let’s just forget them for the moment :)), we know only too well the constant guilt that you feel and the endless challenges that come from having a mind that never stops thinking about all the things we ‘should’ be doing.

Which is why we’re so excited (and proud) that a good friend of Zen – the fabulous Nicola Lowe – has just launched her brand new business – Wisdom for Working Mums.  The business has been born out of Nicky’s own personal experiences of being both a mum and a career woman, and out of the very real recognition that we need to see change within our society.

Wisdom for Working Mums is an amazing resource for all working mums out there who want support in living their lives more easily, and with much less guilt! As Nicky so eloquently puts it – as a mum with a career, you feel like you need to work like you have no children, and parent like you have no job.  It’s tough.

And, as a mum of two herself, Fliss – our very own MD – was thrilled to be asked by Nicky to share her experiences, thoughts, and advice on raising happy, healthy children whilst also running a successful business as part of a dedicated podcast series.  In the interview (which is now live on the Wisdom for Working Mums website), Fliss talks about how becoming a mum greatly altered her perception of herself and how she has since said goodbye to ‘Superwoman’, and she shares her own experiences of that all-encompassing ‘mother’s guilt’, why she’s wholly focused on nurturing her closest relationships, as well as her messages of support for all other working mums out there :)

To listen to Fliss’s full podcast, please follow the link here:

And, for more information on the fabulous Wisdom for Working Mums, visit


By Rhiannon

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