Revelation, Revolution, and Re-education

For us as an agency, 2019 has been a year of revelation, revolution, and re-education.  And, we’re well and truly reaping the rewards. 

Our fabulous Managing Director, Felicity Wingrove, explains:

“Ever since launching the agency 13 years ago, I’ve been on a personal mission to do things differently.  In fact, it was the very reason I set up in the first place.  I was back then, and still am now, hugely passionate about the need to move away from traditional PR, and to bring real, tangible, business-changing value to clients.

As an agency, we’ve never been afraid of pushing boundaries.  Of encouraging our clients to push boundaries.  And in educating the wider industry that change needs to happen.  Traditional PR (think the modest press release) is no longer a viable option for businesses who are looking to create a real impact on those who matter most to them, who want to truly own their space, and who deserve to lead the way in their respective industry.

We absolutely owe it to our clients to do right by them, and continuing to churn out the same old drivel we were doing two decades ago is unjustifiable.  Which is why we’ve spent the past 12 months continuing to re-educate businesses that traditional PR is dead and buried.  And we mean obsolete… out-dated… dead as a dodo.

What is well and truly alive is content.  And not just content for content’s sake.  But dynamic, semantically-packed, psychologically-resonant content.  Content that tells a story in a way that resounds with its intended audience.  Content that poses questions, answers questions, encourages a different way of thinking.  Content that isn’t simply one dimensional.  Content that has many different faces and comes in all shapes and sizes – a talking head-style video, round-table discussion, or keynote speech. Content that impacts, influences, and inspires.”

Not only has the past year seen us transform our clients’ businesses, but we’ve also seen our own business, and team, evolve and grow. 2019 saw former Relationship Manager Chris Bentley step up into a Director role – a move which has seen him take on leadership of the agency’s dedicated trade and technical divisions.  Chris’s expertise and exceptional industry relationships have been instrumental in pushing us as an agency further into international markets, with the team representing clients on a global scale across industries such as aviation, food testing, and biotechnology.

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