Pushing Those Flexible Working Boundaries…Again

Here at Zen, we’re continually pushing the boundaries on flexible working. And, we don’t just mean a tick box, working-from-home-when-the-washing-machine-breaks-down scenario – but a commitment to truly flexible working when it comes to locations and hours.

We do this because it allows our team to be the very best that they can be, and in turn deliver the very best to our clients. Over the past few months, we’ve had some great results (enhanced productivity, greater wellbeing, and boosted morale to name just a few) – and so we’ve taken the decision to make it a permanent approach. This means that there are times when we may not physically be in the Zen office, or times that we message clients, journalists, and contacts a little earlier or later than traditional 9-5 office hours.

Our ‘new normal’ is 7am till 7pm, and we’ve freed our team to work their hours within this framework, in a way which best supports them and their lives. What isn’t up for compromise though, is looking after all of our lovely clients. We absolutely work as hard – if not harder – than before. We meet deadlines, deliver great value, and continue to promote, protect and defend each and every client we have the honour of working alongside exactly as we always have. The only difference is where we do it from, or when :)

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