PR in the 21st Century (Part One)

PR in the 21st Century has moved on. When you think of it of old,  you probably think of newspapers and magazines, maybe radio and TV if you’re pushed, and you’d be right – about half the time. For many clients that’s exactly what the people that matter to them and to their business read, listen to or watch. And that’s what it’s all about after all.

But there’s so much more as well. We name-checked a few different ‘areas’ of PR in our last blog and being the caring sharing types, we wanted to explain a little more about each, as well as give you a few ideas for ways that you might be able to leverage them for your business.

Traditional PR 21st Century Style

So we more or less covered this above, but we’re talking using press releases, opinion-led and by-lined articles, profiles, interviews, and comments to secure impactful coverage that is likely to capture the interest of the people your business cares about. Coverage can be proactive or reactive, and it can be just a few lines, or a full-on broadcast or triple page spread. The sky is the limit.

Digital PR 21st Century Style

This category of PR is very much focused online and encompasses blogs and forums, the whole array of social media channels, and video hosting sites like YouTube. There’s usually much less opportunity to be reactive here (except for spotting a post or social media update and commenting on it), and very much more to be gained by you seizing control of the news agenda and proactively pitching stories, comments, articles and rich, dynamic content.

Direct PR 21st Century Style

Yes, PR does now cover direct communications too. We may well have stolen it from under the marketing team’s nose, but as it is end-user-focused content it’s ours now and we’re doing a cracking job… Whether you’re looking at direct mail letters and flyers, or scripts for personalised video brochures, there are hundreds of ways for you to approach people direct. And when you have them – willingly – on your database there’s heaps more you can do. Share regular updates and advice and guidance, send them e-bulletins or newsletters, target them with offers and promos… You get the idea.


Check out our next blog post for the final areas…

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