Meet The Zen Team – Relationship Manager Guy

Guy is the newest member of the Zen team, having joined last year bringing with him plenty of journalism experience.

He leads the trade division in his role as Relationship Manager, ensuring all of our clients within that sector are getting plenty of positive coverage and liaising with them to produce fantastic content!

1. Describe your job in ten words:
Leading PR activity and relationships with clients in trade sectors

2. When did you join Zen (and why)?
I joined the company in July, 2018. I was looking for a new challenge with an ambitious company and a role that fitted my experience, skill-set and interests. The opportunity to lead and grow my own division with the business was too good to miss

3. How do you think everyone else in the office would describe you (in five words)?
Able, balanced, reliable, helpful, team-player (can I get away with the last one if I stick a hyphen in there? :))

4. Why did PR appeal to you as a career?
Having made the decision to leave journalism, I wanted a career that demands similar skill-sets but that would give me the chance to learn new ones too

5. When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a pilot or a professional footballer. It didn’t quite pan out that way

6. What’s the best thing about working for Zen?
Being part of something special. The supportive culture, flexible attitude and great colleagues help too

7. When I’m not at work, I can be found…
Playing golf with friends, watching football (I have a season ticket at Derby County) or ballroom dancing with my wife

8. What’s been your career highlight so far?
Helping to secure prestigious awards for clients is always massively satisfying, but I also devised and led a campaign that gained huge coverage across the UK and record figures

9. What is your proudest moment (personally or professionally)?
Can I have two? The birth of my daughter, in 1998, and my granddaughter, in 2017

10. Who inspires you, either professionally or personally?
Apart from Chris Bentley? Anyone who stands up for what they believe in their hearts, no matter the consequences

11. And finally, what three objects would you take to a desert island with you?
A golf set, a (wind-up) radio, a jug of beer that never runs dry.

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