Grammar and Good Teeth

We are excited to share some recent research with you that shows that knowing your ‘they’re’ from your ‘their’ can not only help increase your chances of success within the workplace, but that it could also help you bag that dream date!

Online dating website,, has announced that the top two qualities those seeking love look for in a potential partner are a good set of gnashers and good grammar – in that order :)

Why, then, with the increasing prevalence of mobile technology and txt spk, is good grammar still so important? You know the old saying, ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ Well, good grammar on a cv is one of the first impressions you give to a potential employer, just as that first toothy smile is the first impression you give to a potential partner.

Good grammar demonstrates attention to detail and a degree of self-pride, and so too, does having good teeth. Even if you’re not looking for a position within the writing industry or looking to marry a novelist or poet, good grammar really could mean the difference between being invited back for that second interview (or indeed that all important second date…)

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By Rhiannon Williams, Client Services Director
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