Binning the Working Week

Here at Zen, we’ve never been afraid to push boundaries and we’re so proud that we’re now set to further revolutionise not only our own business, but our wider industry, by abolishing the traditional working week. 

We’ve embraced flexible working for a few years now, having invested in the technology to allow us to work safely and securely from home, and so we went into lockdown back in March already a really agile business.  This has meant that we’re lucky enough to have not been too seriously impacted by Covid-19 personally, and in fact it’s been the catalyst for us trialling new ways of working that we’re unlikely to have considered pre-pandemic.

Our new approach is simply a natural extension of our existing commitment to ‘genuine’ flexible working and we’re hugely excited to get rid of set working hours and, instead provide our team with the opportunity – and autonomy – to deliver their hours, their client workloads and their other Zen responsibilities in a completely different way. Whenever, wherever and however that may be.

The agency will see no more rigid routine working hours and certainly no more Monday to Friday, 9 to 5-only working.  Instead, each team member will be able to choose when (and where) they work to allow them to balance all that’s important to them, and to enable them to work when they know they’re at their absolute best.

As long as our clients continue to receive the very highest levels of service, every team member is happy and motivated, and the agency as a whole is thriving, then we see this as an absolute win for everyone.  And, this isn’t just a ‘right thing to do’ decision, we’ve based it on the latest science around performance which points to natural energy and focus cycles that we all run throughout the day.

We also recognise that if we – as an employer – are able to flex to allow our team to combine fitness and wellness into their everyday they can only show up better, stronger and more effectively for our clients, and for the agency as whole. Plus of course it’s an added win for employee retention and for recruitment meaning we keep and attract the very best people.

It really is very exciting times, and we very much look forward to sharing updates with you as to how it’s all going. We’d also love to hear how you’ve adapted your business over the past few weeks and how the ‘new’ normal is shaping up :)

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