Banning the working week… four months on

Back in June, we made the decision to scrap the 9 – 5 working day and enable each member of the Zen team to decide when, and where, they worked. We’d had increasing flexibility over the past few years, but the UK going into lockdown prompted an evolution of this approach.

Four months on, our Content Writer Harriet shares an honest account of how this new approach has had an impact on her:

“The ability to work flexibly was one of the reasons I joined Zen two years ago (after freelancing for them for a couple of years), so getting rid of the working week altogether was a great step forward in my opinion. There are so many advantages in terms of being able to plan my week exactly how I want to, and not needing childcare because I can always be at the school gates at 9am and 3pm.

“It really allows us to work when we’re going to be most productive – some days I’m more inclined to go through my admin tasks or do the ‘behind the scenes work’ whereas others I can happily sit for hours and draft an in-depth piece of content. It’s a much more intuitive way of doing things than prescribing that we need to be sat at our desks during set hours, no matter how we feel that day!

“Of course, nothing is perfect – something I haven’t yet been able to shake off is feeling like I ‘should’ be working when I’m not. There is no expectation for us to be glued to our phones (as long as we’re regularly checking emails and we’re there to support our clients of course), but I often feel I should respond to an email immediately even if it’s something which could absolutely wait til later that day.

“It’s almost become a societal norm to think if we’re not working round the clock, it’s because we’re not committed to our jobs. Telling people you’re at the park at 1pm on a Friday feels a bit odd because of this norm – but our clients have been so supportive of the changes (and I dare say don’t feel like they are being short-changed in any way!) so that feeling is coming from the pressure I’m putting on myself, not from Zen or the clients!

“I’m really proud to work for an agency that understands that my commitment and loyalty to Zen and our clients can absolutely sit alongside my commitment to my family.”

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